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Services and Capabilities

Provides Real Solutions.

Alagant Tech creates solutions that streamline processes. Our goal is to bridge the gap of citizens with their government, leaders with their goals, and businesses with their customers. Alagant works closely with our clients to achieve success, create change, and strengthen values.

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Software and Application Development

Alagant offers custom development services for your organization with experience and expertise and respect for your budget and time constraints. We build software and solutions with a streamlined development structure and apply Agile methodology and DevSecOps throughout our development process with continuous deliverables to assure your satisfaction with the final product.

With clear communication throughout each step, Alagant seeks to ensure that our staff meets your expectations at all points along the way.

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Systems Design and Integration

Take advantage of Alagant's expertise in computer systems design and expertise in embedded systems and mobile platforms. We design and engineer systems that seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and communications technologies and deliver safe, quality and stable engineering and design solutions that meet our clients' requirements.

Alagant is always available to provide our consulting and technical skills to deliver reliable and robust solutions for clients.

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Management and Operations Support

Bring Alagant's IT experience to your facility. Alagant offers management of your computer systems and data processing to ensure secure operation, maximum reliability, and advanced analytics. We provide direct support in infrastructure engineering, security, computer support, facilities management and hardware and software solutions.

Look to Alagant for end-to-end services, bringing measurable benefits, greater efficiency, and reduced costs to your organization.

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Engineering Services

Alagant's cutting-edge engineering services uses the latest technology and solutions to design, build, and integrate solutions to solve even the most pressing and complex of organizational challenges. Look to our innovative engineering workflow to address current and future needs with reliable, scalable, custom solutions.

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Consulting and Administration

Alagant's experienced team can help you navigate important business and organizational decisions. Look to us to assist with finding cost efficiencies, optimizing ROI on existing projects, and measuring performance and success. From human resources decisions to leveraging emerging technologies, Alagant partners with you to create the best possible plan for stakeholders.

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AI-based Systems Testing

Alagant provides emerging technologies to clients seeking to implement AI into their system. Specifically, Alagant integrates AI tools and service into environments, conducts testing, including testing on AI models, and software application, implements Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Neural Networks (NN), Natural Language Processing (NLP), image analysis and classifying, provides Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) test services, and implements autonomous systems.

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Human Resources

Trust Alagant's experience in HR management and procedures, design and administration of compensation systems, and consulting across a wide range of strategic personnel decisions.

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Process and Logistics Consulting Services

Bring Alagant's experience to bear in monitoring and evaluation, procurement management, risk analysis and audit services. Alagant's team of skilled experts can streamline your daily operations in manufacturing, transportation, inventory management, and other components of your workflow.

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Management Consulting Services

Alagant's skilled team can help you at key turning points in your organization, including strategy planning, mergers, governance, and reorganization. We can assist with hands-on leadership, coaching, mentoring, and program management to make initiatives more successful and seamless for all.

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Technical Consulting Services

Turn to Alagant for assistance in solving a broad range of organizational challenges. Alagant's experienced team can help with security and risk reduction, identity theft protection, and assessment services. Our consultants will help apply proactive solutions complete with training, accountability, and collaboration with all stakeholders.


NAICS Codes:

541511: Custom Computer Programming Services

541512: Computer Systems Design Services

541513: Computer Facilities Management Services

541519: Other Computer Related Services

541330: Engineering Services

541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541612: Human Resources Consulting Services

541614: Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services

541618: Other Management Consulting Services

541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

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